Dust coat on the motherboard

Hello, yesterday my other computer’s VGA fried. Well I wasn’t really sure at the time whether it was the VGA or not, because when you would turn on the computer, it would make 2 quick beeps and 7 or 8 long beeps. After a quick search I read that in Phoenix BIOS everything after 2 quick beeps means a memory problem. But that wasn’t really it.

When I opened the box – to my amazement – oh my god how much dust was there. I’ve never seen such a coat everywhere :D After that I figured the VGA had so much dust that the cooler wasn’t cooling the GPU so it fried. I took out the ram, put it there one by one – nothing changed, and I assumed it was the VGA because of the dust. Also the motherboard manual didn’t had any POST beep codes…
Went to a shop, bought new VGA and everything was back to normal.

Now I can’t remember how many years it wasn’t cleaned, but must be 2 at least.

Photos of fur :D :

Whole box:

The VGA:

Network card:

Hard drive:

Cooling fan of the VGA:

Fan taken off the VGA:

Top of the fan taken off:

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