Flashlight extension for the camera

Hello! I decided to make myself an acessory for my camera – a flashlight so that I could film at night and because the camera’s built-in 10mm white LED sucks. It’s good for filming in a small room, but not in open space. My flashlight has 14 white 5mm LED’s.

The design is really simple and yet it works really great and all the parts I have found around the house.
My design is for cameras that has a screw socket on the bottom to mount it on the tripod, it’s where the flashlight will be screwed on.

So what I actually needed is:
PVC pipe, 9.5cm length
A flashlight. Mines was “Tigerhead”, 14 LED one. 9.5cm long
0.5cm bolt (a standard for all tripods) and a fitting nut to keep the bolt in place
Some tape to hold tha flashlight in place – I used double sided tape. You could use 2-4 screws, but the pipe is too thick for me and the screws would get loose.

You should understand how to make it from the pictures:

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