Rip audio files and words from…

GermanFlashcards and import them to SuperMemo. Those who want to learn a language, SuperMemo is one way and my friend asked me if it’s possible in some way to combine the website with that program. Surely I took a look. is a website to learn German, a very good one too, poorly coded though.
That website has a trial period of some days, and after that period you won’t be able to listen to audio files. Those audio files are to hear how some words are being said in German and all of them are in plain text in the source, so my friend asked me to check that site out, if there is any way to bypass this without paying, so I did and found out that only way to do that is to get all the files to your local host.
Just downloading files isn’t a problem, but they are useless if you don’t know the word being said, so I had to churn out few python codes to make it all happen. 2 python scripts and 1 Delphi app (because python crashes with big texts and regex that xor helped me make was for Perl syntax :D).

So here are instructions how to get it yourself: ReadMe

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