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Little information about the "Project D0xBase"

D0xBase was created with a thought that it will be similar to what you see in the old movies when police
uses on their computers to search for a criminal record. Of course we tried to replicate as much as we can
and I think we succeeded.

Not only it looks like that, but it's usable too! Our secondary objective was to make it usable for
"social engineers" and other people that would like to have a family tree in style and accessible to everyone.

The name "D0xBase" is a conjunction of two words - "dox" and "database" of which the second part is used and therefore,
because of the application type, to store records of people it is called a "d0xbase"
(correct spelling would be with a "0" instead of an "o")

Technical information about the project

D0xBase is written in Python using Urwid library as a wrapper for Curses.
Since it's written with Curses, it has a TUI for Graphical Interface and because of that it can be used
in a headless environment like command-line (think of SSH or good ol' Telnet :) ).

For the backend part, D0xBase currently use SQLite. Support for major databases and
full database encryption will be addressed in future releases.

Because of Curses being only available on Linux/Unix systems, D0xBase will not run on Windows by default,
although it was successfully ran using Cygwin (see screenshots).

D0xBase will only work with Python version 2.7

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