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[Python] Check links


Uhm this is a simple script I made to check a list of links for dead ones and pick out the good ones.
List is a text file with links. Usage is also simple: checkLinks.py filename
Good links will be output to a file named good_filename.

Script: checkLinks.py

Hiding strings in Executable files


Seems to be a straighforward and easy task. Well it is. I stumbled uppon this eating candy, waiting until my teapot will boil water. Before that I was thinking how could I hide plaintext strings in an executable, because, for example, when you are making a program for others to change values to the variables and then compile themselves, you have to have easy accesible variables, where they have to be set, so you write the settings in plain-text format.
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[Python] xChat script: Text-Enhance


Well, another project finished for first release. One more mode is missing, I had to take it out, it was taking too much time. It will be in on the next update :P

Yes, this script is to increase your troll rate by 34.6% on IRC channels.

Code: http://9v.lt/projects/python/textenhance.py