BIOS password logging program

Well this is a simple thing. If you have a BIOS password set on your computer and cannot access the computer because of it, you may use this program if the person that knows the password is not very intelligent in computer field.
I tried making this as much legitimate looking as I could, used BGI graphics for that and I think it came out pretty darn good.

To use it, when you have access, put this program in your Autorun and next time computer boots up, a dialog will come up asking to enter the BIOS password.
Password will be written to C:\LOG.FILE
After the password is entered and ENTER is pressed, it will simulate and error check for 5 seconds (in 0.5 second intervals adding dots as progress bar). It does not actually check if the password is wrong or right because that would require a lot more programming…

You will also need this file to run it: EGAVGA.BGI
And of course the source code (can be compiled with “Turbo Pascal 7”, it also runs in pure 16-bit DOS mode): BIOS_PROMPT_CODE.PAS


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