Compaq Contura 410c

Yep. This baby is antique. Most ask – what the hell are you going to do with it? I answer them – nothing, it is just cool.
This is my first very old laptop I bough few months ago and I bought another today ^^ This one cost me 35LTL (14$).
Read more to see photos and video!

The video shows Win95, but actually this laptop now runs TinyLinux ( but just the command line, because X doesn’t seem to run…
Thinking to reinstall into BasicLinux ( so I’m searching for a cable to connect the hard drive and install from there, because I don’t have enough floppies :|

Update [2011-07-03]: Now I added the documents that I have found on the hard drive. From those documents I know that the possible owner was a German student named “Monika Seifert”, because I found MS-Office documents that were interviews in German with some people, after a quick search, those people seem to be doctors and other famous guys, although I’m not sure.
So these are the documents and what I was able to find on Monika Seifert:

So, specs of this beast:
Name: Compaq Contura 410c
Type: Notebook
RAM: 12 MB (8 comes by default but it had an upgrade :D)
Processor: Intel 486DX2 – 50MHz
Hard drive: 350MB
Screen: 9.5 inch, 640×480, VGA
Weight: 3.7 Kg
Year it was made: 1995






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