Photos with Konica EE-Matic

Some time ago I visited a local flea market without any intentions of finding something cool. Strolling through I noticed a camera. After analyzing it on the spot I decided it’s in a perfect condition and so after a bit of bargaining I took it for 6€. I couldn’t resist on leaving it there :)
Apart from it being in perfect condition, I didn’t know anything about it. After I left the market, I started googling for information about this make and model.

This is a Konica EE-Matic Deluxe, a point-and-shoot camera that appeared in 1963. It comes with a fixed (that means it’s welded in there) 40mm f/2.8 lens. Some sources say that the company was very proud with this (Hexanon) lens, because it’s so sharp.
Even though it’s only 10mm away from 50, doing some portrait photography is kinda hard, because you gotta get get close to a subject.

After trying it out in different modes (and there isn’t many of them, because, you know… point-and-shoot?) the conclusion was that is works best and is easiest to handle in the way that it was designed and marketed – in automatic mode, of course with an exception that there is enough light, otherwise the safeguard doesn’t allow you to take a picture if the shutter gets lower than 1/250.

This camera without along with an automatic mode also has aperture-priority, which is a bit confusing when you can’t select shutter speeds…

Anyway, the photos came out pretty sweet, but I’d like more color. That seems to depend on the film that I used, probably.

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