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Photobucket album downloader v0.7


ATTENTION: It has come to my attention that the script does not seem to work anymore, after PB has changed the way they show mobile versions of the website. I do not have time anymore to work on this project for now, however I will see what can be done sooner or later :)

The time has come to update this little script. Since Photobucket switched from Beta design to what they use now, this script has stopped working. I am sorry for the delay, I would have posted this sooner but I too have a life ;)
Anyway, the new Photobucket design is ugly, I probably don’t need to tell you that, and they had been holding off the slideshow feature for quite some time. Recently it was implemented and I hoped my script would work without much modifications… but alas, they just had to redesign it all.
They used weird Javascript to load 12 images at a time, so needless to say it was not the way to go about doing this… I had to find another way.
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