Photobucket album downloader v0.7

ATTENTION: It has come to my attention that the script does not seem to work anymore, after PB has changed the way they show mobile versions of the website. I do not have time anymore to work on this project for now, however I will see what can be done sooner or later :)

The time has come to update this little script. Since Photobucket switched from Beta design to what they use now, this script has stopped working. I am sorry for the delay, I would have posted this sooner but I too have a life ;)
Anyway, the new Photobucket design is ugly, I probably don’t need to tell you that, and they had been holding off the slideshow feature for quite some time. Recently it was implemented and I hoped my script would work without much modifications… but alas, they just had to redesign it all.
They used weird Javascript to load 12 images at a time, so needless to say it was not the way to go about doing this… I had to find another way.

After looking around I noticed that photobucket has a mobile version of the website which is accessible with a mobile user-agent. I don’t know if the design there has changed along with main website design, if not then silly me for not spotting this sooner :/ It means this script would of worked even after the update… but there is a catch with this.

Method I use now is pretty much the same as it was before, just now everything is loaded off a mobile version of the website. When you press the Slideshow button, all the information gets written to a source file and then get fed to a Flash player that shows a slideshow. Because this uses a flash player, a specific user-agent is required, one from a mobile that supports flash player… otherwise the website is smart enough to somehow tell if that phone can play flash :/

Well, even though I had found a method downloading images again, I cannot find a method downloading videos again… seems like the mobile version doesn’t load videos into the slideshow. But all the videos can be found in that image listing… and of course I could read the last page number, go through every page parsing HTML code to see if it contains a video and if it does then to read HTML code from the video page and finally download everything… but that is too much work for me right now and such method is very prone to error… maybe if someone could make it and send it to me, I’ll be more than happy to implement it into a script :)
So for now, no video downloading, sorry :(

To find the login form I used code suggested by Kyle, it worked great. Thanks Kyle! :)

Everything can be downloaded from the same location, here: PhotobucketGetter.zip

Thanks for reading, I’m waiting for feedback! :)

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