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Meec custom cordless drill battery and charging station

At the Kaunas Makerspace that I visit very often to do various projects, most tools there are donated, some are bought and some tools are self-made (like a spot-welder that I used to connect batteries).

In the case of cordless drills the situation was never good. There are a few of them, but all are missing batteries or have dead packs and sometimes when you need to screw or drill something a bit it’s a little annoying, so we made a few from old LiPo (18650) cells that we salvaged from laptop batteries for Meec cordless drills. They have a very neat battery holder design – batteries simply slide in.

Making of the battery pack is easy, hardest part was to make a case for them and of course a charging station.
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Make yourself a dremel!


Hey guys! OK, here I’ll show you how to make a hand-held, sort of a “dremel”.
It’s not perfect but it’s powerful enough to cut through thin sheets of metal or big wires, or drill holes in metal. It’s really simple and it cost me NOTHING as I have found all the parts around the house (except for the alligator clamps. They cost me 60 cents).
Some steps have been updated a little.
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