About me

Hello, my nickname is Kulverstukas and I’m an IT specialist and developer currently living in Lithuania.

I have started this blog sometime around 2011. Occasionally, I write an entry here about one of the many projects and research that I am currently working on or had done in the past.

My aim has always been to develop code that runs as efficiently as possible by using low-level knowledge ranging from hardware bits and architectures to the appropriate software programming language(s) I’m familiar with. These include Python, Java (including Android development), Delphi/FreePascal, C/++. I’m also interested in hacking and security, which I think goes hand-in-hand with programming.

Currently, I’m employed as an IT technician and programmer with tasks ranging from troubleshooting user problems to programming various scripts, programs, applications and doing various data integrations, networking.

Some of my programming related work can be viewed in my portfolio here, and on my Github account here, but mostly on this blog.

My main hobbies are photography and making stuff at Kaunas Makerspace.