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Bluequeue opensource’d

This is a really old project that I made few years ago and I wrote about it here when I was just started with Android dev. Idea for it wasn’t to get popular, rather I at that time had (now shitty) HTC wildfire phone with which I one day needed to send a dozen of pictures and to my surprise it didn’t have any (reliable) option to send the files through Bluetooth in bulk. That day I sent those files by hand, but the next day I started working on this project thinking one day it will save me lots of time. Ironically later I bought Galaxy S2 and didn’t need the app anymore, so I stopped with the development.
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Android reversing overview


Revision 1, first release.

Greetings all. After a long wait I might finally finish this article. I’ll try to keep it as an article, not a walkthrough because I hate that shit. I don’t do this full time and only very rarely, so it won’t be an advanced article :)
There are many “tutorials” written just about this, but hopefully mine will be a bit different :)
If you have suggestions, what to add, what to cover, maybe I missed or left something out, please tell me.
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Lietuviškas TTS telefonuose


Senokai kažką berašiau į savo blog’ą, tad šiandien nusprendžiau parašyt apie tokį dalyką kaip lietuvišką TTS (Text-to-Speech) telefonuose. Įvairiausių variantų yra prigaminta, bet va Lietuviško ir nėra niekur – egzistuoja tik kiek žinau ant Windows sistemų kažkokia keista sintezė, tačiau ji veikia.

Egzistuoja tokia svetainė garsiai.lt, aišku iki tobulumo dar reik padirbėt, o kūrėjai arba visiškai pamiršo arba prarado norą dirbti, bet gi kaip bebūtu tai yra geriau nei nieko (turbūt?).

garsiai.lt anksčiau kaip suprantu buvo text-talk.com kur rašoma kad telefonas gali kalbėti, bet paspaudus mygtuką išbandyti, rašo kad tokia paslauga kol kas neteikiama… įdomu ar ji kada nors buvo teikiama?
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[Android] Programmer’s day


I might be a little too early with this, BUT! I felt like publishing it now…
This is a clock that counts time down to 256th day of the year (Programmer’s day) in a cool looking style :D
Basically it is a modified version of my previous app “HackerCountdown“. I figured that stupid Mayan doomsday is now passed and there is no need for this anymore, so I converted it into something more useful (more or less…).

Everything is still the same, only things that changed was the date and text scrolling there is now read from your phone’s system logs, so the first version can still be downloaded from my projects folder and the new version can be grabbed on Google Play: ProgrammersDay.apk

Three ways to send data over bluetooth with android


My recent app that I am developing involves bluetooth and I had to do quite some research about the whole thing and the android API. I had to do lots of searching, but in the end it was ok.
Anyway, while I was searching I had to scrape bits and pieces from every corner of the internet and put them together, so I decided I’ll make one general post about ways to send data over bluetooth in android. I’ll explain everything as we go.
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Android singleton model for large files


Time to post something. And that something will be about android development, since I started it some time ago. More about a work-around that I noticed when I was creating an app that had to use SQLite databases which was preloaded into memory for reading when the app started.
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Hacker countdown – Android app


Well maybe not very elite as I would like it to be, but this is my second android app I developed and it turned out awesome :D
My first app can be found here.

So, about this app – like it was discussed here, I thought I’ll make my own version for android that looks like that one. Though I’m not sure if I violate some copyrights or anything…
I tried to replicate the app as much as I could and I think I succeeded, but I changed few things.
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HostnameResolver for Android



This is my very first android app, finished it just now.
What is does is resolves hostnames into IP addresses. Now another thing why I made was that I needed something like that for another…
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