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[xChat] Slapper 1.2


Just made a /slap script for my beloved IRC client – XChat.
The script was not entirely made by me. I found it by accident on pastebin – author unknown.
Code was damn ugly and inefficient, had to make lots of fixes and the script turned out to be pretty good. Also I added an extra feature to specify a number and write that slap line from the list at that position.
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[Python] xChat script: Text-Enhance


Well, another project finished for first release. One more mode is missing, I had to take it out, it was taking too much time. It will be in on the next update :P

Yes, this script is to increase your troll rate by 34.6% on IRC channels.

Code: http://9v.lt/projects/python/textenhance.py

[xChat] Highlight away


So here is another script I wrote to help me in someway. It’s an xChat script that will send a message with the current away message to anyone who highlights you while you are away. Easy and it works. Expect updates :)

Code and more details: http://9v.lt/projects/python/highlightaway.py

[xChat] Voice-All


Greetings. I’m writing to announce that I released an updated version of my xChat module Voice-All which is a script in Python to give voice to everyone in the channel.
This is an updated version, changelog and other info is in the code: