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[Delphi] Eteryje 1.00

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Howdy y’all. A friend asked to make an application as a plugin for the radio station he has. Application to update the “Now playing” list with each new song playing on the radio. For this it has to check a text file, read the name of the song, and if it isn’t the same as before – send it to the server.
Simple concept for a simple application.
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Nifty tool to show external and local IPs


Needed a tool to show me my external IP because “ipconfig /all” doesn’t show it, so here is a little program to get external and local IPs.
Put it into WINDOWS folder and then you can issue “cmdip” command from anything in the CMD and get your IPs.

Code: CMDIP.zip
Compiled exe: cmdip.exe

[Delphi] Foldurs

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Something I made during the programming classes. I was completely bored so I had to write such useless stuff like this. But it’s fun to send it to someone :D

This program creates 100 folders on the Desktop with randomly generated name, 10 chars long. You can easily change the values yourself and recompile the application with FreePascal compiler (I used Embarcadero RAD studio). All values that could be changed are commented.
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[Python] Most common name generator


Script to take a list of most common names and randomly picking them creates a full name, like “Name Surname”. My friend requested this to generate fictional names for his project, so I took a list of names from Wikipedia, used my awesome Regex skills to remove crap data and leave the names and here it it is.
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[xChat] Autovoice


Since I’m an OP on an IRC channel I want it to keep clean, nice and tidy and lots of people don’t want to register their nicks and get auto-voice so half of them doesn’t have voice and it looks ugly. Having this in mind I quickly made this Python script, to connect to a server and join a channel, lurk there and give voice at given time periods.
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[Delphi] RFC->HTML

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This application takes an RFC (Request for comment) document in txt format and turns it into HTML RFC document for easier navigation. Don’t expect fancy CSS for now and you would probably be better off using this PHP script.
But to use it you need to have a webserver, local or remote, and you can’t save the RFC, so it is not very convenient for on-the-fly conversion.
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[Delphi] StartupLogger

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Simple tool to log when your PC was turned on. Can write to startup itself. I wrote it some time ago when I had to see when my Desktop was used when I am not at home. Don’t really use a lot now but still a good thing to have.
Config files are encrypted so that other people couldn’t read where the logs are saved.
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[Delphi] Striper

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Those who code with Lazarus IDE (http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/) – a rally neat and OpenSource Delphi/FreePascal IDE knows that it produces large executables, like 11mb for an empty form :O
There is a solution though – somewhere in the Lazarus forum I found a crap stripper which removes all the debugger info and reduces the size dramatically. Of course it is a command line tool so I wrote a GUI wrapper for it.
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I code in Delphi a lot and it’s my main language, but sometimes UPX is needed and so to ease my life a little, I made this tool for myself so that I don’t have to run the command from CMD every time I wanted to compress my project…
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[Delphi] Question

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Yet another “prank app”. Actually it does nothing, just moves the button when you point your mouse on it…

Compiled Exe: Question.exe
Project: Question.zip

Compiled Exe: Klausimas.exe
Project: Klausimas.zip