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Apie Paskalį mokyklose ir valstybinius IT egzaminus


Šiek tiek pagalvojau parašysiu apie paskalį (Pascal) kalbą kurią mokina mokyklose, kadangi ne visi supranta ir sugeba pilnavertiškai išnaudoti šią kalbą ir duotus įrankius kaip kad debugerį (debugger).
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[Python] Most common name generator


Script to take a list of most common names and randomly picking them creates a full name, like “Name Surname”. My friend requested this to generate fictional names for his project, so I took a list of names from Wikipedia, used my awesome Regex skills to remove crap data and leave the names and here it it is.
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[Delphi] Striper

Delphi Logo

Those who code with Lazarus IDE (http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/) – a rally neat and OpenSource Delphi/FreePascal IDE knows that it produces large executables, like 11mb for an empty form :O
There is a solution though – somewhere in the Lazarus forum I found a crap stripper which removes all the debugger info and reduces the size dramatically. Of course it is a command line tool so I wrote a GUI wrapper for it.
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Apie Delphi kalbą

Pradedam Delphi programavima

Turinys _

0x00 – Delphi
0x01 – Programos
0x02 – Pradedam programuoti
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