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Outlooker malware in C++


My old project I didn’t talk about. I don’t have a lot to say about it…

It is a simple Outlook (for older versions) password grabber. Gets the password along with other additional info and sends to a specified server (PHP code included).
Only supports XP for some reason. Tested and works on Outlook 2003 and 2007, will probably work with 2010 and newest too.
Thanks to RedBullAddicted for testing it out <3
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Resetting working memory set on Windows


I was requested to make a program one day, to reset the memory of a process that was eating and eating memory until the computer crashed. It was a corporate sized program, and it just shows how friggin’ horrible can corporate developers be. Situation was that once you start that program and leave it running, it will slowly consume the memory more and more until your system crashed or it became unbearable. The catch here was that if you would minimize the program, it would reset the memory that it consumed and start to consume again, so to keep your system and that program running, you would have to do it every half hour or something, which is friggin’ ridiculous.
Don’t bother contacting the devs, I had to find a way to reset that memory myself without doing it manually every hour.
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Sending multipart POST requests with C++


Finally I had the time to revisit it again. Many moons ago I tried to understand how Multipart file upload works and kinda didn’t succeed, but then again I didn’t put that much effort into it. I did it now because I have a project on my hands which requires this, whole theory didn’t seem very hard and I was able to produce working code for client and server sides in a few hours.
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Target opener – program to add “Find target” to context menu


My newest project in C++. I just started with C++ so code might not be godlike, so bear with me.
Mainly to make my life easier, because I usually use the “Find target” button on shortcuts and to save me some clicking I made this.
Solutions for this problem already exist, but they all need registering with regsrv32 this and running in CMD that. Fuck ’em. My solution is simple and it works.

It adds a context menu entry via the registry for LNK file types (shortcuts). So when you right-click a shortcut, “Find target” item appears.
It works on WinXP and Win7. But for Win7 you have to do something about that UAC – most likely just disable that shit, it’s useless anyway.
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