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Voteban IRC bot in PHP


Oh hello, I present to you my latest project in PHP – a Voteban bot. This project is probably my last in a very long time as I have became VERY busy lately and have no time for new projects…
So I will not write a lot here, instead I’ll c/p the README I made yesterday, it explains errythang.
You can download the whole project from here: https://github.com/kulverstukas1/votebanbot
And the bot is live on Evilzone’s IRC server, I am hosting it on my RaspPI for now.

I am open to suggestions and already have a TODO list which I am hoping to complete one day…
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[xChat] Autovoice


Since I’m an OP on an IRC channel I want it to keep clean, nice and tidy and lots of people don’t want to register their nicks and get auto-voice so half of them doesn’t have voice and it looks ugly. Having this in mind I quickly made this Python script, to connect to a server and join a channel, lurk there and give voice at given time periods.
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[Delphi] HawtBawt

Delphi Logo

A project that I did to get familiar with an IRC protocol. Project is written in Delphi and it’s an IRC bot. Has some functionality but is not complete, probably never will be. But it’s a really good learning experience anyway :)
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