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[Delphi] HawtBawt

A project that I did to get familiar with an IRC protocol. Project is written in Delphi and it’s an IRC bot. Has some functionality but is not complete, probably never will be. But it’s a really good learning experience anyway :)


Compiled Exe: hawtbawt_proj.exe
Project: HawtBawt.rar

See “Usage.txt” for details how to use it :)

1. Connects to IRC server on 6667 port
2. Gets users
3. Messages are readable
4. Highlight madness
5. Idents as a bot (+B) on channel join
6. Responds when someone is calling
7. Says random stuff
8. Puts random words into a sentance
9. Can give/remove OP/HOP/Voice
10. Ban/Unban/Kick someone
11. Options 9 and 10 can only be controlled if user is in the access list
12. Search words on Urban Dictionary
13. Bot masters can not be remove from the bot control
14. Icons on menu items to make the program look nicer
15. Has password protection
16. Display statistics
17. Kick for flooding the channel
18. Get words from dictionary

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