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Fixing my retro computers: part 1


OHai! Like 2 days ago I received the IDE/SATA adapter that I waited for so long because of all those delays and shit from Dealextreme, but I got it eventually. Now I could have bought it in my country and get it in 2 days but hell, that thing costs 3 times as much as I paid now. Maybe the quality is better, but whatever.
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Something to do with floppies


Do you have lots and lots of old floppies? Well I did, not as much to make a bag like this one so I just made a pen holder :D
Still looks pretty cool!
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Hello. This time I’m gonna write about another antique thing that I had found in the basement when I was moving elsewhere to live. That was ~3 years ago and the thing is an very old Russian radio “Sokol-304”. The radio itself is ~25 years old probably (older then me :O) and the best part is – it works just as great. Of course, the contacts were rusty so I had to replace them but all you need for it to work is batteries.
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Dust coat on the motherboard

Hello, yesterday my other computer’s VGA fried. Well I wasn’t really sure at the time whether it was the VGA or not, because when you would turn on the computer, it would make 2 quick beeps and 7 or 8 long beeps. After a quick search I read that in Phoenix BIOS everything after 2 quick beeps means a memory problem. But that wasn’t really it.
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Compaq Contura 410c


Yep. This baby is antique. Most ask – what the hell are you going to do with it? I answer them – nothing, it is just cool.
This is my first very old laptop I bough few months ago and I bought another today ^^ This one cost me 35LTL (14$).
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