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[Delphi] Foldurs

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Something I made during the programming classes. I was completely bored so I had to write such useless stuff like this. But it’s fun to send it to someone :D

This program creates 100 folders on the Desktop with randomly generated name, 10 chars long. You can easily change the values yourself and recompile the application with FreePascal compiler (I used Embarcadero RAD studio). All values that could be changed are commented.
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[Delphi] Question

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Yet another “prank app”. Actually it does nothing, just moves the button when you point your mouse on it…

Compiled Exe: Question.exe
Project: Question.zip

Compiled Exe: Klausimas.exe
Project: Klausimas.zip

[Delphi] LotsOfWindows

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Another prank app that I made… haven’t used this one anywhere, made it just for the lulz. When you open it, it asks you a question if you want to press some buttons and if you press “Yes” then a lot of windows pop up on the desktop :D

Compiled Exe: Windows.exe
Project: LotsOfWindowsEN.zip

Compiled Exe: Langai.exe
Project: LotsOfWindowsLT.zip

[Delphi] FullScreenShot

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Not very useful, but kinda fun prank. Made this to fool a friend and all it does is takes a screenshot of the screen, puts it in fullscreen and disables the keyboard so that when you click on the screen – nothing happens because you are clicking the picture. The keyboard can be enabled by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then the WIN key :P

Compiled exe: FullScreen.exe
Project: FullScreenShotEN.zip
Lithuanian version: FullScreenShot.zip