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DuathlonStarter for small sport events

This is a program designed for small Du/Tri-athlon sporting events (but probably more for tri-) where running and biking (and swimming?) can’t be done in the same place, so this program helps with that, and usually for swimming, the pool is not at the same place…

I did this when some guy approached me with such a problem he had when organizing these events, and the solution he was using was rather… poor (though he had no choice at the time). He was using some Excel document which looked like it was made by a mad man. You’d paste in the times and press the start button. Then Excel would freeze completely and eat up 100% CPU for no reason like wtf.

In essence how this works is, when athletes go through one section (i.e. running), the times are recorded in some time-logging program, like a spreadsheet maybe, athletes relocate to where they’ll be doing the next section (i.e. biking or swimming), recorded times are loaded into the program and the program counts down time difference and beeps when it reaches zero for each athlete.
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EvilLogBot – Python IRC channel logger


This is my latest project which I, for most part, finished. Its purpose is to log everything that happens user-related in an IRC channel to a configured database. Initially this was made to be used with PISG (the irc log file parser and stats generator) on an EvilZone network (your mileage may vary) and it was for some time. But now EZ has transitioned into new era and it needed to be re-designed. So this is the final product which can be found on my github: https://github.com/kulverstukas1/EvilLogBot
This bot is very simple, it takes no user input through IRC and gives no output on IRC, ignores all queries – it only logs user actions, like PING timeout, kick, ban, join, part, etc. It has however some features – ignore (to ignore certain nicknames) and logrotate (to delete logs older than defined days and keep your DB clean).
Before using it you must configure to your own needs, and it’s done simply.
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My backup procedure

Oh hello again… man, lately I have no time to keep my blog updated, but I’m glad I can write a post occasionally at least.
This time I’d like to write about how I do backups and a way I automated half of it. It might not be the most efficient way or “the right way”, but as with anything – it works for me, so shut up! :P (j/k, you can bitch in the comments).
Anyway, I have several places to grab backups from and one place to store them – I don’t use mainstream cloud services (maybe I should…?), instead I store those onto my external drive. Google drive gives free 15GB to store stuff, in the future I might use that instead of my external, but the place doesn’t matter, it’s HOW I store those backups that matters.
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UPDATE: Photobucket ripper


Important: new version released along with new PB design. Read more about it here: http://9v.lt/blog/photobucket-ripper-update/

First I wrote about a method to grab someone else’s pictures from photobucket and I provided a script to do so, even though the method was working, the script was rather primitive and not automated at all… well it was OK for my one time use. But now when I have more stuff to grab and I have to update the album constantly, it is not very nice as I have to do it all over again.
So I decided I’ll make a better, fully automated script and here it is.
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Downloading someone elses images from Photobucket


UPDATE: there has been an update for the tool and it is now completely automated, Refer to the post here: http://9v.lt/blog/update-photobucket-ripper/

Another blog post after such a long time. This time about how to download images from photobucket, not owned by you. Because if you own the images, you can download all of them in a package from the control panel and whatnot.
But what if you don’t own them? Well I guess you can open and download them one by one, but what if you have 1000+?
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[Python] Share files the easy way with python servlet

This one was written by techb. Simple method yet interesting. Could help in some situations.

I am running VirtualBox inside Ubuntu. I have XP installed as a virtual OS and often find I want to drag-drop/copy-paste files between systems. Well you could go the route of setting up a shared folder, which would most likely be the recommended way.
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[Python] Check links


Uhm this is a simple script I made to check a list of links for dead ones and pick out the good ones.
List is a text file with links. Usage is also simple: checkLinks.py filename
Good links will be output to a file named good_filename.

Script: checkLinks.py

[xChat] Slapper 1.2


Just made a /slap script for my beloved IRC client – XChat.
The script was not entirely made by me. I found it by accident on pastebin – author unknown.
Code was damn ugly and inefficient, had to make lots of fixes and the script turned out to be pretty good. Also I added an extra feature to specify a number and write that slap line from the list at that position.
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[Python] xChat script: Text-Enhance


Well, another project finished for first release. One more mode is missing, I had to take it out, it was taking too much time. It will be in on the next update :P

Yes, this script is to increase your troll rate by 34.6% on IRC channels.

Code: http://9v.lt/projects/python/textenhance.py

D0xBase – released


Hello hello ladies and gentlemen! This time I present to you a project Me and Factionwars have been working on for quite some time. Now it’s good to go and you are welcome to try it out :)
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