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Baltix 1.3


Baltix is a Lithuanian Linux distro based on Ubuntu. Read more on wikipedia
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Terminal tool to get external and local IPs


Some days ago I made a little tool to get local and external IPs of your machine, but it was only for windows. I wanted something like that for my Linux as well, so I made this little bash script.
Put it into /bin/ folder, do chmod a+x termip and execute from anywhere with command: termip

Script can always be found here: http://9v.lt/projects/other/termip

Halikan NBA386SX-25


Greetings. This is another very old beast that I bought yesterday. Don’t know why I buy these old machine – I just like them, and the guy at the market where I bought it wanted to throw it out! I guess one man’s trash is another man’s treasure :D
This cost me 10LTL (4$).
As of now it doesn’t seem to have any system on it, because it doesn’t boot. I am going to try and install some DOS probably, seeing that it way too old to run X, but who knows :)
After doing an intensive research on this laptop, not much info could be found, although I was able to confirm the specs of it.
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Compaq Contura 410c


Yep. This baby is antique. Most ask – what the hell are you going to do with it? I answer them – nothing, it is just cool.
This is my first very old laptop I bough few months ago and I bought another today ^^ This one cost me 35LTL (14$).
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Darom senajy flash’a boot’inama


Sveiki. Cia aprasysiu kaip galima savo sena flash’a kuris nepalaiko boot’inimo padaryti boot’inama. Man suveike kai norejau padaryti savo labai sena flash’a su Linux, taciau neuzkrove.
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Apie Python kalbą

Pradedam Python skriptinga

Pamoka parasyta ande is Evilzone.org
Is anglu isverste Kulverstukas

Turinys _
0x00 – Python
0x01 – Programos
0x02 – Pradedam Python skriptinga
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