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Change browser homepage programatically for Windows


At work we had to change the homepage of all browsers for students for convenience reasons and so I wrote this VBScript, which is my first ever, so it could be made better maybe, but it works great – I seem to fall in love with it :D . I only wrote the script to change Firefox, Chrome and InternetExploder settings, because only those browsers are available on computers accessible to students.
The script was put in the Logon script of our Domain to run every time a user logs in.
Whole script can be downloaded from here and I’m posting the code for quick review :)
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Terminal tool to get external and local IPs


Some days ago I made a little tool to get local and external IPs of your machine, but it was only for windows. I wanted something like that for my Linux as well, so I made this little bash script.
Put it into /bin/ folder, do chmod a+x termip and execute from anywhere with command: termip

Script can always be found here: http://9v.lt/projects/other/termip

Basic “VBScript”


Though it’s not VB / Net, it’s more a simpler version of VB. It is pretty handy if you want to start with something…

This type of programming can easily be done in Notepad so you wont need to download a some sort of crap of software (though they can be handy for debugging)
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[Python] xChat script: Text-Enhance


Well, another project finished for first release. One more mode is missing, I had to take it out, it was taking too much time. It will be in on the next update :P

Yes, this script is to increase your troll rate by 34.6% on IRC channels.

Code: http://9v.lt/projects/python/textenhance.py

[xChat] Voice-All


Greetings. I’m writing to announce that I released an updated version of my xChat module Voice-All which is a script in Python to give voice to everyone in the channel.
This is an updated version, changelog and other info is in the code: