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Greetings all.
This is my latest C++ project… made it purely for learning purposes, but it is kinda cool, I guess.

It is a windows port of Unix program Fortune.
The original implementation used files. My version uses SQLite with all the original quotes and fortunes, plus most posts from Evilzone irc quote thread :P
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Baltix 1.3


Baltix is a Lithuanian Linux distro based on Ubuntu. Read more on wikipedia
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Terminal tool to get external and local IPs


Some days ago I made a little tool to get local and external IPs of your machine, but it was only for windows. I wanted something like that for my Linux as well, so I made this little bash script.
Put it into /bin/ folder, do chmod a+x termip and execute from anywhere with command: termip

Script can always be found here: http://9v.lt/projects/other/termip

Kriu.lt žodyno klientas Windows sistemoms

Taigi taigi… pagaliau baigtas mano laisvalaikio projektas ir dabar jis geresnis nei bet kada! Greitesnis, mažesnis, patogesnis, gražesnis… Tiesa, nesitikiu kad bus tobulas, kadangi neturiu pakankamai resursų, tačiau stengiausi kiek galėdamas ir gavosi mano nuomone puikiai.

Išbandyta ir veikia ant “Windows XP” ir “Windows 7”.
Klaidas ir pasiūlymus rašykite čia.
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[Delphi] LotsOfWindows

Delphi Logo

Another prank app that I made… haven’t used this one anywhere, made it just for the lulz. When you open it, it asks you a question if you want to press some buttons and if you press “Yes” then a lot of windows pop up on the desktop :D

Compiled Exe: Windows.exe
Project: LotsOfWindowsEN.zip

Compiled Exe: Langai.exe
Project: LotsOfWindowsLT.zip

Compaq Contura 410c


Yep. This baby is antique. Most ask – what the hell are you going to do with it? I answer them – nothing, it is just cool.
This is my first very old laptop I bough few months ago and I bought another today ^^ This one cost me 35LTL (14$).
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Apie Python kalbą

Pradedam Python skriptinga

Pamoka parasyta ande is Evilzone.org
Is anglu isverste Kulverstukas

Turinys _
0x00 – Python
0x01 – Programos
0x02 – Pradedam Python skriptinga
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