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Rip audio files and words from…


german-flashcards.com and import them to SuperMemo. Those who want to learn a language, SuperMemo is one way and my friend asked me if it’s possible in some way to combine the website with that program. Surely I took a look.
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[Python] Picgrab


By friends request I made this script to grab all the images from a website. Does not seem to work with Google image search, but with normal websites it works.

Script: PicGrab.py

[Python] Email extractor

Email extractor that I made for extracting emails from SQL dumps and such. Works fast, uses Regex to find emails.

Script: EmailExtract.py

[Python] Most common name generator


Script to take a list of most common names and randomly picking them creates a full name, like “Name Surname”. My friend requested this to generate fictional names for his project, so I took a list of names from Wikipedia, used my awesome Regex skills to remove crap data and leave the names and here it it is.
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[xChat] Autovoice


Since I’m an OP on an IRC channel I want it to keep clean, nice and tidy and lots of people don’t want to register their nicks and get auto-voice so half of them doesn’t have voice and it looks ugly. Having this in mind I quickly made this Python script, to connect to a server and join a channel, lurk there and give voice at given time periods.
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[xChat] Highlight away


So here is another script I wrote to help me in someway. It’s an xChat script that will send a message with the current away message to anyone who highlights you while you are away. Easy and it works. Expect updates :)

Code and more details: http://9v.lt/projects/python/highlightaway.py

[xChat] Voice-All


Greetings. I’m writing to announce that I released an updated version of my xChat module Voice-All which is a script in Python to give voice to everyone in the channel.
This is an updated version, changelog and other info is in the code:

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