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Something I made during the programming classes. I was completely bored so I had to write such useless stuff like this. But it’s fun to send it to someone :D

This program creates 100 folders on the Desktop with randomly generated name, 10 chars long. You can easily change the values yourself and recompile the application with FreePascal compiler (I used Embarcadero RAD studio). All values that could be changed are commented.

Compiled Exe: Foldurs.exe
Project: Foldurs.zip

Project has been updated. It now accepts a number (or a string of mixed chars, program will strip it all leaving only numbers). If nothing is given then program will use default value – 100 folders.


  1. xor says:

    Why don’t you ever make your program input variables dynamic via the command line? You shouldn’t have to recompile the program to get it to change the parameters :P

  2. Kulverstukas says:

    Of course I could… but the idea was that you just open it and it creates. So that unsuspecting people couldn’t see what is going on lol.

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