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Howdy y’all. A friend asked to make an application as a plugin for the radio station he has. Application to update the “Now playing” list with each new song playing on the radio. For this it has to check a text file, read the name of the song, and if it isn’t the same as before – send it to the server.
Simple concept for a simple application.

Program is a console app, so it should be ran from the command line (cmd). Or if you want to hide the window and make it run in the background, do this:
Create a shortcut for the application and name it the same as the application itself. Go to properties and add the arguments (see below).


  • time – interval in seconds to check the file
  • file_name – full path including the name of the file of course
  • URL – where to send the data. URL should be like this: http://something.lt/script.php?=

So a full example would be like this: eteryje.exe 10 c:\songs.txt http://something.lt/script.php?=

Compiled exe: eteryje.exe
Code: Eteryje.zip
Instruction in Lithuanian language: instrukcijos.txt

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9 years ago

Eteryje means on air.

Small program, after tons of bugfixes we finally got it running :D

Thanks my friend.

P.S. you can use it to send keyloger file or anything! Use your imagination!