Bluequeue opensource’d

This is a really old project that I made few years ago and I wrote about it here when I was just started with Android dev. Idea for it wasn’t to get popular, rather I at that time had (now shitty) HTC wildfire phone with which I one day needed to send a dozen of pictures and to my surprise it didn’t have any (reliable) option to send the files through Bluetooth in bulk. That day I sent those files by hand, but the next day I started working on this project thinking one day it will save me lots of time. Ironically later I bought Galaxy S2 and didn’t need the app anymore, so I stopped with the development.

So basically, this project is really old and unmaintained, didn’t get as many users as I hoped, but it’s also ugly and not functioning properly in some cases, however it worked for me and it’s all that mattered at that time :D
Now after all these years I decided to release the code, might be useful to some, maybe it’ll get improved for something…

The code is on my github:
Also available for download from my projects folder:

Also here’s a video demo:

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abhishek soni
5 years ago

do you know about bluesnarfer can you built a project in this