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What I use my raspberry for


Last year I bought RaspberryPI Model B at my local electronics store. As for most people, my goal was to have a miniature home server for various things, most of all a local cloud storage and a media server. I learned a great deal doing this and the RPI is very much capable of doing it all with memory to spare, despite what people were saying that it’s too slow and stuff.
Of course, if it’s just a cloud you want and don’t trust Dropbox, then a VPS is probably better (not necessarily cheaper though), but in my case I needed more than that, because I have some things like TVs, sat box and other stuff connected and so a VPS didn’t suffice.
In a nutshell, my RPI has heatsinks on it, is put in an acrylic case with a compatible 6v fan. The RPI is running Raspbian for an OS, MiniDLNA for media streaming, Seafile for a cloud, Samba for network drives, Transmission for the seedbox. I’ll talk about each of these and why I chose them.
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