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Tech support tips: reset projector lamp timer

One of the weirder things to do is resetting the lamp timer when you change the lamp. After about 1500 hours the projector shows this annoying warning to replace the lamp, however the time does not reset when you replace that lamp with a new one, and resetting the lamp time is a public secret (not written in manuals or settings and such). So I found this website where it has instructions to reset it for a lot of projectors, at least the instructions work for Toshiba one.

The website is: http://www.projectorlampexperts.com/LampAdvice-InstallationTips.aspx

Now if you like to have a reference, you might find this image helpful. It’s a screenshot of those instructions :)

[Delphi] KIS Trial Reset

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Little tool I made for myself to use because all the other shit like that I found was either infected or so badly written that it was barely usable so I made my own. Of course I don’t use any AV now and I run Linux, but I was running Windows at that time and had KIS installed and KIS has dropped a lot…


Compiled Exe: KIS Trial Reset.exe
Project: KIS_Trial_ResetEN.zip

Compiled Exe: KIS Trial atstatymas.exe
Project: KIS trial atstatymas.rar