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Android reversing overview


Revision 1, first release.

Greetings all. After a long wait I might finally finish this article. I’ll try to keep it as an article, not a walkthrough because I hate that shit. I don’t do this full time and only very rarely, so it won’t be an advanced article :)
There are many “tutorials” written just about this, but hopefully mine will be a bit different :)
If you have suggestions, what to add, what to cover, maybe I missed or left something out, please tell me.
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Virusu reversing’as

Sveiki. As kiek esu mates tai yra tik pamoku daug kaip paslepti savo nedora exe, taciau ka daryti kai norime paziureti kas jo viduje? nedaug pamoku lietuviu kalboje tokia tema. Taigi cia aprasysiu basic budus kaip galima issnipineti ka tas musu virusiukas daro. Gal tada sumazes verkimo kad apsikrete kazkuom…
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