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VGA cable extension using ethernet cable


Here at work we get to do all kinds of original things sometimes to solve a problem. This is an interesting thing we did for one of them.
Situation is that we have a few classes to prepare for lectures and that involves hanging projectors from the ceiling. Now of course for that you need a long cable, to connect the computer to a projector on the ceiling.
Buying one is a no go, since they are of limited length and probably wouldn’t be as long as we need them to be. So there are two options of making it. One being to buy VGA ends, take ethernet cable as much as we need and solder the ends to that cable. Sure that works and it looks better, but what if you need to move the computer somewhere and the cable becomes too short? you have to resolder everything and just basically make a new cable. Soldering it would be a pain anyway…
So that leaves us with the option that was best for such a situation, and I’m going to write about it here.
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Dust coat on the motherboard

Hello, yesterday my other computer’s VGA fried. Well I wasn’t really sure at the time whether it was the VGA or not, because when you would turn on the computer, it would make 2 quick beeps and 7 or 8 long beeps. After a quick search I read that in Phoenix BIOS everything after 2 quick beeps means a memory problem. But that wasn’t really it.
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