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Android singleton model for large files


Time to post something. And that something will be about android development, since I started it some time ago. More about a work-around that I noticed when I was creating an app that had to use SQLite databases which was preloaded into memory for reading when the app started.
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[Python] Share files the easy way with python servlet

This one was written by techb. Simple method yet interesting. Could help in some situations.

I am running VirtualBox inside Ubuntu. I have XP installed as a virtual OS and often find I want to drag-drop/copy-paste files between systems. Well you could go the route of setting up a shared folder, which would most likely be the recommended way.
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DIY ventilator

Hello! My chimney in the basement had once a ventilator, but it fell out after 15 years of use (yeah…) and the ugly hole is there, so I decided to make a new one. It’s nothing fancy and it works. Cost me nothing, like usual, might not be as strong as those industrial fans but hey – it’s homemade :D
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ARP Poisoning


In this article, I will tell you about ARP packets, it’s poisoning and how to do it.

So, what is ARP poisoning? It is an attack method used to attack and sniff packets and passwords and preaty much anything in plain text from Ethernet wired network or a wireless one.
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Basic “VBScript”


Though it’s not VB / Net, it’s more a simpler version of VB. It is pretty handy if you want to start with something…

This type of programming can easily be done in Notepad so you wont need to download a some sort of crap of software (though they can be handy for debugging)
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About RFID


What is RFID?
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technique for reading information on the distance of the transponders and the memories that are called tags.
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Hiding strings in Executable files


Seems to be a straighforward and easy task. Well it is. I stumbled uppon this eating candy, waiting until my teapot will boil water. Before that I was thinking how could I hide plaintext strings in an executable, because, for example, when you are making a program for others to change values to the variables and then compile themselves, you have to have easy accesible variables, where they have to be set, so you write the settings in plain-text format.
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Make an old flash drive bootable!

Hello. Here I will show you how, in a very simple way, to make your old as earth flash drive bootable again! It worked for me very good when I wanted to make my flash drive carry Puppy Linux.
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