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Tech support tips: reset projector lamp timer

One of the weirder things to do is resetting the lamp timer when you change the lamp. After about 1500 hours the projector shows this annoying warning to replace the lamp, however the time does not reset when you replace that lamp with a new one, and resetting the lamp time is a public secret (not written in manuals or settings and such). So I found this website where it has instructions to reset it for a lot of projectors, at least the instructions work for Toshiba one.

The website is:

Now if you like to have a reference, you might find this image helpful. It’s a screenshot of those instructions :)

Tech support tips: sharing a printer between 32bit and 64bit systems


Looks straight forward, right? hell no.
I wasted 2 hours yesterday trying to understand dafuq is wrong. My situation was like this: there is an old printer, connected to a windows7 32 bit system and shared. I had to connect a laptop with a 64bit system to use that printer. The laptop could ping the other computer, it could see the printer and everything else, but it just could not connect to the printer. It would show the error code 0x00000214.
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Android reversing overview


Revision 1, first release.

Greetings all. After a long wait I might finally finish this article. I’ll try to keep it as an article, not a walkthrough because I hate that shit. I don’t do this full time and only very rarely, so it won’t be an advanced article :)
There are many “tutorials” written just about this, but hopefully mine will be a bit different :)
If you have suggestions, what to add, what to cover, maybe I missed or left something out, please tell me.
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Lietuviškas TTS telefonuose


Senokai kažką berašiau į savo blog’ą, tad šiandien nusprendžiau parašyt apie tokį dalyką kaip lietuvišką TTS (Text-to-Speech) telefonuose. Įvairiausių variantų yra prigaminta, bet va Lietuviško ir nėra niekur – egzistuoja tik kiek žinau ant Windows sistemų kažkokia keista sintezė, tačiau ji veikia.

Egzistuoja tokia svetainė, aišku iki tobulumo dar reik padirbėt, o kūrėjai arba visiškai pamiršo arba prarado norą dirbti, bet gi kaip bebūtu tai yra geriau nei nieko (turbūt?). anksčiau kaip suprantu buvo kur rašoma kad telefonas gali kalbėti, bet paspaudus mygtuką išbandyti, rašo kad tokia paslauga kol kas neteikiama… įdomu ar ji kada nors buvo teikiama?
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Three ways to send data over bluetooth with android


My recent app that I am developing involves bluetooth and I had to do quite some research about the whole thing and the android API. I had to do lots of searching, but in the end it was ok.
Anyway, while I was searching I had to scrape bits and pieces from every corner of the internet and put them together, so I decided I’ll make one general post about ways to send data over bluetooth in android. I’ll explain everything as we go.
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Downloading someone elses images from Photobucket


UPDATE: there has been an update for the tool and it is now completely automated, Refer to the post here:

Another blog post after such a long time. This time about how to download images from photobucket, not owned by you. Because if you own the images, you can download all of them in a package from the control panel and whatnot.
But what if you don’t own them? Well I guess you can open and download them one by one, but what if you have 1000+?
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Android singleton model for large files


Time to post something. And that something will be about android development, since I started it some time ago. More about a work-around that I noticed when I was creating an app that had to use SQLite databases which was preloaded into memory for reading when the app started.
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[Python] Share files the easy way with python servlet

This one was written by techb. Simple method yet interesting. Could help in some situations.

I am running VirtualBox inside Ubuntu. I have XP installed as a virtual OS and often find I want to drag-drop/copy-paste files between systems. Well you could go the route of setting up a shared folder, which would most likely be the recommended way.
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Apie Paskalį mokyklose ir valstybinius IT egzaminus


Šiek tiek pagalvojau parašysiu apie paskalį (Pascal) kalbą kurią mokina mokyklose, kadangi ne visi supranta ir sugeba pilnavertiškai išnaudoti šią kalbą ir duotus įrankius kaip kad debugerį (debugger).
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DIY ventilator

Hello! My chimney in the basement had once a ventilator, but it fell out after 15 years of use (yeah…) and the ugly hole is there, so I decided to make a new one. It’s nothing fancy and it works. Cost me nothing, like usual, might not be as strong as those industrial fans but hey – it’s homemade :D
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