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Basic “VBScript”


Though it’s not VB / Net, it’s more a simpler version of VB. It is pretty handy if you want to start with something…

This type of programming can easily be done in Notepad so you wont need to download a some sort of crap of software (though they can be handy for debugging)
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About RFID


What is RFID?
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technique for reading information on the distance of the transponders and the memories that are called tags.
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SWF dekompiliavimas


Cia parodysiu kaip galima istraukti norima objekta is SWF (Flash) failo labai paprastai, ant Linux ir Windows.
Sioje pamokoje naudosiu kaip pavyzdy.
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Hiding strings in Executable files


Seems to be a straighforward and easy task. Well it is. I stumbled uppon this eating candy, waiting until my teapot will boil water. Before that I was thinking how could I hide plaintext strings in an executable, because, for example, when you are making a program for others to change values to the variables and then compile themselves, you have to have easy accesible variables, where they have to be set, so you write the settings in plain-text format.
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Isibrovimas i MSSQL naudojant Metasploit


Senas video kuris abstrakciai parodo kaip galima lengvai isibrauti i MSSQL duombaze naudojant Metasploit.


Hacking SMB – the linux way

I’ve done a video tutorial on how to somewhat brake into other computers on your LAN by SMB (Server Message Block, or File sharing – in windows terms). Simple, nice and easy. I wrote stuff in my language (Lithuanian) but you can fully understand what am I doing without the explanations :)
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Virusu reversing’as

Sveiki. As kiek esu mates tai yra tik pamoku daug kaip paslepti savo nedora exe, taciau ka daryti kai norime paziureti kas jo viduje? nedaug pamoku lietuviu kalboje tokia tema. Taigi cia aprasysiu basic budus kaip galima issnipineti ka tas musu virusiukas daro. Gal tada sumazes verkimo kad apsikrete kazkuom…
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Darom senajy flash’a boot’inama


Sveiki. Cia aprasysiu kaip galima savo sena flash’a kuris nepalaiko boot’inimo padaryti boot’inama. Man suveike kai norejau padaryti savo labai sena flash’a su Linux, taciau neuzkrove.
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Apie Regex (Regular expression)


Aprasysiu sokia tokia pamoka apie Regex, arba kitaip “Regular Expression”.
Regex yra skirtas paieskoms daryti ir tai nera jum iprastinis ieskojimas. Su regex galima ieskoti kintamu zodziu, sudetingus sakinius ir panasiai – suprasit paskaite toliau.
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Apie Python kalbą

Pradedam Python skriptinga

Pamoka parasyta ande is
Is anglu isverste Kulverstukas

Turinys _
0x00 – Python
0x01 – Programos
0x02 – Pradedam Python skriptinga
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