Make HP Multi-function printers scan when IP changes


There is a huge problem with HP Laserjet (and probably many others) MFP’s when installing full-solution packages on a computer which is newer than the MFP and when they need to communicate through the network. At work we have many HP Laserjet 3090 and 2727 series printers that are able to scan. Normally if you simply add the printer, the computer is able to print without a problem every time. But to make that thing scan – you need to install the full-solution package, which is old and deprecated. Installing such packages on x64 machines doesn’t work, setup is b0rked. Installing it on Win7 doesn’t always work, for unknown reasons the printer can’t be found by the address or hostname or anything.
But enough about that. Another major problem is what to do when the IP of a printer changes and it doesn’t scan anymore. Don’t bother reinstalling the full-solution, it won’t work. So after LOTS of googling, I finally found the solution.

For computers that were able to scan before, but can’t now due to an address change, solution was found here. Here’s a copypasta of that explanation:

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}\0000\DeviceData
  • Confirm the REG_SZ named CUEDeviceID is the device you want to change (usually you don’t need to if you know the address).
  • Update the REG_SZ named NetworkDeviceID by changing the IP address in the string to the new IP address, eg. \hostname:NPI74FF08\ipaddr:\guid:\macaddr:00237D74FF08\port:1
  • Change the REG_SZ named PortID to the new IP Address.

You should be good to go, try scanning, it worked for me.
Remember, “It can’t be done, reinstall…”, is never the right answer. :)

So this saved my life. However I am searching for ways to install the scanner drivers WITHOUT installing that full-solution piece of garbage.


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2020-10-19 19:04

This worked to get the Windows 10 “Fax and Scan” app
to work. However, the “HP Solutions Center” app still
doesn’t work for me. It gives an error “HP Imaging
Device not found.” Anyone know how to find the registry
entries for “HP Solutions Center” ?

2020-12-28 05:59

Well, in my experience HP programs refuse to run if you somehow “corrupt” the subkey.
Looks like you have to:
1) Check consistency of the DeviceData subkey, in particular, NetworkDeviceID’s hostname should coincide with the part after the comma in TwainDS. Though TwainDS is not actually used to connect to anything (just a name for TWAIN datasource, as far as I understand from microsoft docs), modern HP network discovery software changes those two parameters synchronously (and doesn’t change PortID at all, btw).
2) If you have “HP network device support” or something similar in services.msc, you should disable it before editing the registry. Beware that if you enable it again, the values you manually set can (and will be) be overwritten. Actually, this service is supposed to monitor device IP changes and automatically compensate for those, but maybe it fails to do so in your case.
3) IP address field of NetworkDeviceID has to be present regardless of hostname value, and vice-versa. Hostname can be changed to an actual hostname, but, unfortunately, it won’t be used to find the device. This is probably true for all fields, you can’t omit anything.

If you’re testing this approach by changing printer’s address on purpose (and frequently), you’d better check whether the hostname is in fact reachable (browser, ping etc) after each round, because WinSock sometimes glitches. Standard “netsh winsock reset” makes the host reachable again. This issue got me once.

P.S. Why use solution center at all? There’s HP Scan Extended (and that’s what I’ve tested this IP-address fix against: beware, chrome dropped FTP support [and silently gives you a blank page when you navigate to an FTP file, great], links work fine in IE), and also some great freeware third party scanning software. Most of HP software is actually buggy bloatware.