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Good day y’all. What a shitty winter this year is, ain’t it? It’s nearly Christmas and there’s absolutely no snow only rain, sadness and depression.
Never the less, to keep myself occupied through this period I try to continue my own projects or make my life easier by writing up some kinda automated scripts. One of which being a MikroTik guest user generator for WebFig v6.38rc7 interface, because I hate thinking up names and random passwords…
You’d think that with version 6 of this software the developers would have made a random user generation feature of some sort and a way to print it out quickly, but nope. There might be a feature that our sysadmin needs to enable, but he can’t be bothered with such crazy tasks, so meh.

So what I made is a Greasemonkey userscript that runs locally on your machine. It generates a random user, random password, sets the default validity period and also adds an export button which is a link to our information system module that simply outputs static HTML with given variables plugged in.
I created this by testing on v6.38rc7 in Firefox, so it might break on other versions, or it might not. Your mileage may vary.

To use it, install Greasemonkey for FF or Tampermonkey for Chrome, install this script from my projects folder here, change the values to fit your needs and try it out.

However I wasn’t able to make this work on Chrome, but I don’t use Chrome, so I didn’t try.


  1. grammar nazi says:

    would HAVE made

  2. Kulverstukas says:

    Damn, I only now realized what you wrote :D fixed it tho…

  3. Program-Ming (from flash gordon) says:

    y you no use no chrome kulver ?? :(
    You don’t like chrome, bro? Do you have any specific reason for not using it or is it one of those cases of “it’s just me.”
    Oh and by-the-way, you were right. It is a fuck winter this year, and Winter used to be the only season I cared about still,THANKS to your blog.

  4. Kulverstukas says:

    I don’t like Chrome’s sleek AF design, and Firefox is more customizable to my needs. Rest is personal preference.

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