Riga22 progress update 9

I feel like I am taking one step forward and 2 steps back. Yesterday I went to the market, bought the parts I needed and assembled the motor. Today I tried to start it and it was fine, just that the kick-start lever started to fuck around.

But about that later. Some days ago I replaced the clutch to a brand new one I found laying around:

and to put it on you have to use specialized tools because it’s too much to press with hands, so I made my own specialized tool because I didn’t have the original one:

Yeah it’s not pretty but does what it was built to do.

So today the engine was fine, no oil was leaking because I used the red gasket replacement I wrote about earlier.

And my new clutch handle is working like a boss

Also resolved one issue about the clutch, I think I mentioned it earlier. Problem was that it was hitting the gear in when you put it in, as if the clutch wasn’t even pressed out. This was resolved after a bit of fine tuning and frankly I am not sure myself how I resolved it. The manual said to tweak the gear ratio, so I did that multiple times and it worked at the end… now the gear kicks in when I release the clutch, all smooth and cool :D

At the end of all that… the gear wire broke off the handle, I’ll have to replace it or think of something to re-attach it… might be better to just replace it though as it was repaired earlier and didn’t work like expected, broke off eventually:

damn I raged.

Now another problem I am having is the kick-start. Problem is with the gears I think because when ever you kick the starter, it just spins-through, as if the clutch was pressed. It was happening sometimes earlier, but it was like 2 times out of 10, so I didn’t give it any attention. Now it got worse – 9 times out of 10 it spins through, because of that the engine doesn’t start. Although when a normal start gets on, the engine starts right away with just 1 kick. So I don’t know what is wrong and how to resolve it, I’ll have to consult a few people – if you do know what might be wrong, please write it in the comments!

Thanks for reading :)

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