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BBQ blower 2.0


Hello, this time I decided to make a dedicated and improved bbq air blower. I have written about making a simple rotary tool here which I later used to blow air onto hot coal when they would loose too much heat and whatnot, I don’t like getting smoke into my face :P
But that one wasn’t very good, it used a cordless drill battery as a power supply and later the cordless drill died, a few weeks after that the charger fried because of a power surge, motor required 24v for optimal results.
So I just thought to make a better version, powered by a 9v battery with 3v motor and a basic speed control.
Whole thing is very simple and can be put together from junk that I am sure you have laying around somewhere.
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Make yourself a dremel!


Hey guys! OK, here I’ll show you how to make a hand-held, sort of a “dremel”.
It’s not perfect but it’s powerful enough to cut through thin sheets of metal or big wires, or drill holes in metal. It’s really simple and it cost me NOTHING as I have found all the parts around the house (except for the alligator clamps. They cost me 60 cents).
Some steps have been updated a little.
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