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Photos with ZENIT ET, part 2

Greetings! a few weeks ago I took my Zenit ET for a spin again. I decided it’d be cool to have some images from around where I live in winter time. I did the same in summer, but it was with FED-2. It was great taking pics with FED-2, but it was also not comfortable because of no built-in exponometer.
With Zenit it’s better, and images turn out nicer. So I tried to take some shots at the same spot I did in summer time, I’ll post comparison below :)
Also it looks like the development screwed some of the shots yet again… smeared the film with an ugly white stripe :/
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Photos with ZENIT ET photo camera

I was on vacation few weeks ago and I took my dad’s old ZENIT ET photo camera and did some amazing (at least to me :P) pictures. Thought it would be a great opportunity to test the camera. Made around… not even sure when, I’m guessing around 1980’s. It has seen a lot of pictures and can still shoot pretty good.
Keep in mind I’m no professional, just an amateur, so don’t yell at me that they suck :)
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