Photos with ZENIT ET photo camera

I was on vacation few weeks ago and I took my dad’s old ZENIT ET photo camera and did some amazing (at least to me :P) pictures. Thought it would be a great opportunity to test the camera. Made around… not even sure when, I’m guessing around 1980’s. It has seen a lot of pictures and can still shoot pretty good.
Keep in mind I’m no professional, just an amateur, so don’t yell at me that they suck :)

Some shots have a white stripe or some other glitches, but that is either because the film was damaged during the development or the film was fucked when I bought it :/
I also used a simple and a bit shitty negative scanner, so the images have all this noise and stuff. Can’t be removed with software. I’ll use a better scanner someday soon to see if the noise can be removed…

This is how my camera looks like with the giant lens on it :P

Now here are the images:


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