Photos with FED-2 photo camera

I am fascinated by old stuff, you probably knew that already. Very long time ago I found my grandfather’s FED-2 photo camera that he brought home from the army. Made in 1955 It still is in a very good shape and makes excellent pictures. Only recently I thought I could still take it for a spin, so I went out and bought a “Fujifilm 200” photo film, 36 shots. Took a “Soligor UF-2” exponometer from a friend and went out to take pictures.
The quality was great, but it’s a bit hard to get the right reading and be damn sure about it, otherwise the image would turn out too dim or too bright. Once you get the aperture and the exposure time just right, the image comes out great.

I am no professional photographer, so I had to get used to the camera and an exponometer, so my first shots were not quite good.

FED-2 photo camera:

So, below are the pictures from around my neighborhood :)

And the best shot that I had made with it is below. Looks like I nailed the depth of field (aperture) on this one :)

Now would you say these pictures were made last week? or 20 years ago :D


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Donatas Stanionis
2013-07-19 23:21

Very nice, but first off all, you need to clean the optics from dust.