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Assign licenses to O365 users programmatically


Just recently we migrated from our own mail server to Office365, because cloud is computing is the god damn future! 1tb of onedrive space and 50gb mailbox is more than enough to host your work-related porn collection :)
Azure is all set up to synchronize our AD users with Office365, however once a user is created newly into the AD, the mailbox gets created for that user, but it doesn’t set the license and location of the user, until the license is assigned, users can’t login to the mailbox. I hate repetitive work, so I came up with a powershell script (I love powershell!) that checks for users that doesn’t have license assigned and assigns them one, also adds the location.
The script at the end also disables the new “clutter” feature, which is complete garbage IMO. Most of the legitimate letters go into clutter and users complain to us that letters do not reach them. Microsoft declares that this new super-awesome feature helps people save up to 82 minutes checking their mail… I guess that’s correct when you don’t see any emails :D

The script can be found here.

Separating AD users into groups


In our AD we have many users, all of them are unified in one general mailgroup “visi”. One day I was tasked to split users into english and lithuanian groups, so that emails in my language wouldn’t bother those who can’t read them :P
It was easy with my newly acquired Powershell skill, and we were dividing people into groups by their departments, so I knew the english speaking departments, all I had to do was list out all the people and add them to “visilt” and “visien” groups according by their departments.
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Synchronizing Exchange calendars with the web


Hello. Today I’m writing about a new tool that I come up with, after not finding this, lemme say – basic, functionality in Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2010. What was needed was very simple – to synchronize the schedule from a database/web backend of some sort to the exchange calendar and it turns out Exchange doesn’t have this or I didn’t find it and I looked EVERYWHERE.
Everyone uses Outlook 2010 with Exchange, and Outlook has the ability to keep track of internet/shared calendars like Google Calendar does, but it turns out that it’s an outlook only feature, meaning that if you added this calendar in outlook, all the appointments would appear, but wouldn’t be sent to Exchange. And I guess there is a way of adding appointments for all or a group of people by hand, but it’s not what I want.
Having that in mind I set out to search for a 3rd party solution, however I didn’t expect to find anything, and I didn’t… only option left was to write a custom solution.
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Sumos vertimas žodžiais Word’e

Toks dalykas reikalingas buhalterijai, ruošiant dokumentus Word’e. Deja, sprendimų daug nėra Word’ui, galima rasti įvairių dalykų Excel’iui tik. Gerai paieškojus galima rasti failą, kuris yra MS Office makro programa, ir ji veikė puikiai tiek su senu ofisu, tiek su nauju. Tačiau problema iškilo kai litai pasikeitė į eurus – aišku, anokia čia ir problema, tiesiog pakeiti žodį vieną ir viskas. Tačiau aš būdamas programuotoju, viską stengiuosi automatizuoti (tegul kompiuteris dirba už mane… :P) todėl nusprendžiau panagrinėti tą failą, ir atradau kaip galima lengvai pakeisti kodą. Taip pat duosiu ir parsisiųsti jau paruoštą programą.
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Bluequeue opensource’d

This is a really old project that I made few years ago and I wrote about it here when I was just started with Android dev. Idea for it wasn’t to get popular, rather I at that time had (now shitty) HTC wildfire phone with which I one day needed to send a dozen of pictures and to my surprise it didn’t have any (reliable) option to send the files through Bluetooth in bulk. That day I sent those files by hand, but the next day I started working on this project thinking one day it will save me lots of time. Ironically later I bought Galaxy S2 and didn’t need the app anymore, so I stopped with the development.
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Outlooker malware in C++


My old project I didn’t talk about. I don’t have a lot to say about it…

It is a simple Outlook (for older versions) password grabber. Gets the password along with other additional info and sends to a specified server (PHP code included).
Only supports XP for some reason. Tested and works on Outlook 2003 and 2007, will probably work with 2010 and newest too.
Thanks to RedBullAddicted for testing it out <3
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Change text in Outlook signature files with VBScript


Some guy at work decided to change our Facebook group name and effectively remove the old Facebook group link. We used that old link for all of our employee email signatures and of course it all got b0rked. Only way to deal with this was to write a quick VBS script and put it into a GPO Logon. It seemed to fix it, day was saved!
Script can be found here:
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StealthStalker malware in C++

Greetings. Not too long ago I wrote a piece of malware, a stealer really, to steal data – obviously. I have kept it for myself for some time but for almost over a year I haven’t worked on it, and I decided that I have discontinued the development of it. Now I don’t want to give up on it completely, but currently I don’t see myself working on it, not in the near future anyway… So this is why I decided to move it to public space, maybe it’s gonna be interesting to some people and maybe it will get ported to linux one day too :P current version is 0.4.
It has served its purpose for me for what it has been created :)
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Sending multipart POST requests with PHP


A long time ago I wrote about the same thing, but with more text and a C++ example, you can find it here. This time I made the same thing but in PHP and using cURL, because it was for a project I was working on. Basically I had a very simple task that needed to be a bit automated. Whole website is also basic, just simple authentication and then a simple file upload. In this project generate a lot of data (around 5mb) and then POST all of that to the file upload script.
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Querying LDAP with PHP


Greetings. So today I’m gonna write about stuff. Managing basic LDAP things with PHP, to be precise… Had a problem at work, that sometimes we do not receive information about new people when they get accepted. Because we don’t receive any information, we don’t always know what to import/create. Then those people come to us asking why they can’t log into computers and use Wifi, then we have to look them up in a outside Oracle DB and create a user like that. That’s a silly, repetitive and a daunting task. Some kinda tool to automate this had to be created so it could be integrated into our existing IT system as well.
I’m not gonna write about the tool, instead I’ll be writing about problems that came up adding users, creating groups and modifying attributes.
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