Riga-22 moped – the beginning


Greetings. This is my first post that I’ll start off with an intro.

I got this old moped from my grandpa. It has been sitting not working for a while and only now I was allowed to take it.
It will need lots and lots of work done because it’s in a really bad shape. Last time I tried to crack it up it was working – that was about 3 years ago and 2 days ago when I pulled it out from the under ground it won’t start… had to use a hammer and some muscle to get it out… bent a bit of the leg in the process, but nothing serious.

So it’s now out and ready to be restored. I started off with an inspection and this thing needs almost every part replaced. From light bulbs to gas tank.
Heh it’s not really THAT bad as it may sound. It’s just minor fixes – the gearbox is what I am worried about.

Anyway, Riga-22 is a Latvian technology made in 1982. It came out of the factory in few different sets of colors – All red, Blue/white, Green/black. It had 2 types of engines – the S-62 which my moped has the latter V-50. S-62 was assembled in Lithuania… engine is 49.8 cm^3

After further inspection I made a list of things I need to replace. The list is not very big, but will require some work.

The handles are very old and worn off, breaks does not work properly, if at all :D light bulbs are burned out, the seat was ripped a bit, it’s all covered in oil, the gas tank is rusty as heck – gonna try to clean it somehow, the tires are very old and explode if you try to inflate it (front tire exploded, didn’t want to inflate the rear one).
And there was some other things I can’t remember now…

On Sunday I might go to a market where people sell old stuff, that is the best place to get some moped parts.
Right now I am just waiting for the weather to get warmer so I don’t freeze my fingers off repairing that thing, so I’m cleaning and repairing separate parts instead, like the seat and the speedometer.
But I’ll have to take it all apart to clean that oil off.

Btw the speedometer is showing 15k+ km – it’s a lot :D

And here is a photo of how it looks now:

Btw here are scanned pages of a Riga-22 service manual in Russian language. I found it on the internets after lots and lots of googling. I had to crop and rotate all of them because they were badly scanned: DOWNLOAD

I should do some progress this weekend, so come back :D


  1. Henrik says:

    Thanks for the user manual!

  2. Kulverstukas says:

    Hey, no problem :)

  3. Here are a few inaccuracies:
    S62 engines were installed earlier than the V50.
    So the first RIGA22 was with S62 engines, then have the V50 (1);
    It was still green / white.
    More further information can be found on my forum, but I think that you might know it.

  4. Kulverstukas says:

    Thanks for the corrections, I fixed my blogpost :) and yes there are lots of info there, I frequently go for some reading :)

  5. John Connolly says:

    Could you send new link for scans please?
    Link does not work!


  6. Kulverstukas says:

    @John Connolly: Sure, I updated the download link in my post.

  7. Mr dude says:

    Is there a manual for the v50 engine or are both the same?

  8. Kulverstukas says:

    Both engines are essentially the same, I didn’t notice any major differences.

  9. MrGrbn says:


    Does anyone know how to find the original colour code from the mudguard and gas tank that are in white (sort of broken white) of the Riga Moped? I want to repaint them but I don’t have technical details.

  10. Kulverstukas says:

    I doubt that such information exist and I think back in the day Soviets while assembling these things didn’t really bother with RAL or other codes :P

  11. Marc speeckaert says:

    Hello, i am restoring my old
    Riga 22 with v50 engine in Holland.
    Where can i buy parts as i can not find them in Holland.
    I need the manual gear shifter for on the steering wheel.
    Hope you can help me.

  12. Kulverstukas says:

    Well, I have no idea where to get those in Holland and it probably is going to be more difficult. Here in a post-soviet country I can get the parts easily at a flea market. Maybe you could also check flea markets around your place?

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