Riga22 Progress update 1

Well today and some days before I made little progress on the moped. Proceeded to take it all apart, taking note where everything goes… because it’s simpler to take it apart, but when you need to put it all together – that’s when it becomes tough :D luckily my dad knows a lot about these motorized soviet street kings :D

Today like I said in an earlier post I was at the market – Aleksoto turgus (Aleksotas market). It’s the best place to get any kinds of antique, old, used, new, working and not stuff. Needless to say that it’s a goldmine for car/scooter parts.
So today I bought a set of tires – two tires for front and rear with inner tubes, plus a gas filter. Got few contacts of people that could help me get any part I need for the moped!
They also provided a little bit of info about the engine that I have – S-62. It was assembled in Lithuania by “┼áiauli┼│ vairas” and it’s very rare, so getting parts for it would be a bitch.

Today’s progress ended on a motor star where it spins the chain – to remove the motor I need to take off the chain, but in order to take the chain I need to remove the star that the chain spins on, and that was one thing I didn’t solve today.

Anyway, here are some pictures for you:

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