Riga22 progress update 8


So last Sunday I went to the market to get something which I got – a gasket for the clutch hole and a turn-signal relay.
Latter one I haven’t used yet, but I put the gaskets in and assembled the engine to understand that it still leaks oil!! Damn.

Didn’t know what to do but my neighbor gave me some gasket-like silicone.

So I used that and today it was very good, looked very promising because it filled all the holes and stuff that was a possible hazard.

This is how it looked when it’s dry, I had to take it off today. I thought to take it for a spin and see how it holds the oil when suddenly the frigging clutch shaft broke!

I’ll have to get another one… So basically, yeah… I need to look into the clutch as well because it doesn’t work as good – as if there is no clutch because whenever I put a gear in, it jumps right up. Must look into that…

Here are some pics:

The shaft:

Thing that goes onto the shaft and presses the clutch:

Place where the thing above gets positioned:

The clutch wheel:

Oil leak:

Turn-signal relay and the clutch gasket:


  1. oggy says:

    hi,im after some parts for these engines,ive got the v.501m 50cc,and need gaskets and piston rings,do you no a web site that sells spares,ive bin looking for 5 hours now! cheers

  2. Kulverstukas says:

    Well I don’t buy my parts online so I don’t know any. I buy parts at a market.
    Instead of normal gaskets, I prefer to use the sealant. It works very well, even better than original gaskets.
    You can find them in gas stations and car part salons (at least in my country…).

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